I have 4 GHL doser 2.1 pumps and 1 external peristaltic pump plugged to my powerbase. These are my pumps 1 to 5.

I set them up last night to pump different amounts of liquid at 2 am, but when I've checked the logs this morning I see weird results.

For the ghl doser pumps, when I set them up, I purged and primed them. That was around 10pm, and I'm.wondering if the manual dosing I did to prime (until I saw the first drop at the end of the tube) might have been counted and added together to the dose log at 2 am.

For the 5th pump, I see roughly correct logged values (1000 ml, which is actually 10L since the pump is 1 L/min and I have it configured as 100ml/min due to dose and flow limits), but I have an additional dosing pump set to log the dosage using a 1000ml/min flow rate and linked to the same outlet of the powerbar, and this one logged a bit less than 3000 ml. Might the logs also be affected by a limit?

See screenshots of all my pumps and their logs