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Thread: Dosing issues - max values for flow and dose

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    Default Dosing issues - max values for flow and dose


    I have a ~1L/min dosing pump (peristaltic pump) connected to one of my powerbase switches.

    I've calibrated it and it turns out to work at 1075 ml/min

    I've realized the max value for the pump flow rate is 1000ml/min.

    Similarly, I use this pump to pull 10L from the aquarium once per day (twice per day right now), but the max dose is 3000 ml.

    Why these limits? I understand these for GHL Doser but other types of pumps should have a wider range. The trick I've tried to use is setting it up to 107 ml/min and then dosing 1000 ml, i.e. applying a 1/10th scale. However that's very counterintuitive and easy to miss and cause a problem.


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    Less than 1% of users have a need for a limit higher than 1000ml/min flow rate.
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    Thing is that from a computing standpoint it seems like a totally arbitrary number. Since decimal points are supported in this field I'd assume it's stored as a float or double,which should support higher numbers, hence my question why that limit?

    I understand that the number of potential users is a metric worth considering, but it can't be the only one, specially for arbitrary limits that do not seem to be related to software constraints, are not informed to the user and not even validated by some of the UIs (i.e. GCC), resulting in error prone behaviours.

    E.g. less than 1% of the users will set a password starting with the letter Z in capital, but you would never set the system so it does not allow Z in the beginning of the password, as it would be arbitrary and not linked to a software limitation. Right?

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