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Thema: Kh director guarantee repair times

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    Standard Kh director guarantee repair times

    Hi i have sent my unit in October 2021, and still have received it back as 13/1/22. Its not enough that ghl refused to repair and blamed me for kh director flooding doser and damaging main board they haven’t send it back. I provided all evidence of setup sent video as requested, now i have left with no doser and or kh director. My dealer trying to chase ghl where unit is but got no success. My kh director sat on top of doser in a separate unit away from water and yet it’s my fault that doser 2.1 got flooded. It was like that for nearly a year and suddenly I decided to fill it with water. They have tested kh director and apparently everything was ok
    I’m very upset the way GHL delt with situation and I will post to social media for people see. Don’t put your doser underneath or you risk buying another unit costing hundreds, because GHL won’t cover it
    Im writing here so maybe some one will respond as i will never buy anything from this company ever again.

    My first post here in October was deleted and ghl couldn't answer why!

    Case number is 3819

    Very disapponted with the service provided by ghl.

    Screenshots taken if yet again they will delete this post


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