Is it possible to daisy chain auto water change function. That is, I would like to have the waste water from tank 1 to go into tank 2. On tank 1, I already have auto water change programmed and working using two optical sensor and two neptune pmup plugged into the powerbar. On tank 2, I would like to use another pmup to pump out the same amount of water as tank 1's waste water, so that tank 1's waste water can be directed into tank2 instead of the drain. I currently have 1 optical sensor on tank 2 for ATO. I suppose since both tanks would be using the same neptune pmup to pump out waste water, I can just plug both pmup into the same powerbar socket. So that when tank 1's AWC switches on, as tank 1's pmup pump waste water into tank2, tank2's own pmup is pumping same amount of water out into the drain. Since both are using identical pmup, there should be roughly the same amount of water being exchanged. Seems ok logically, but somehow it seems a bit haphazard on the fact they're identical pumps. If I set up tank 2 with two optical level sensor, is there a safer way to program this daisy chain awc ? thanks