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Thema: Fluctuating nitrate measurements

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    Standard Fluctuating nitrate measurements


    After 2 years of long waiting I finally recieved the ION D.
    Honnestly I'm dissapointed as I have (mainly) weird nitrate readings.

    1st : 6mg/l 10.01.22 09:26
    2nd : 1mg/l 11.01.22 11:16
    3rd : 9mg/l 11.01.22 11:49
    4th : 9mg/l 11.01.22 12:23
    5th : 0mg/l 11.01.22 15:44
    6th : 10mg/l 11.01.22 19:13
    7th : 0mg/l 12.01.22 10:54

    Calcium allso fluctuated from 416mg/l till 440mg/l in that timelapse.

    I followed the manual step by step, soaked the sensor in tap water for +30min and waited +12 hours after I tapped the "prepare measurement cell" button.
    I calibrated the pumps each 4 times to be sure my calibration was good. Measurements from the tubings are good and there is no interference from other power cords.
    Am I the only or is this "normal"?
    Or is there something I can do?

    Kind regards,

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    I have a issue where the first reading is well off then if I test again immediately after I actually get readings which are representative, currently got a ticket open trying to find out why I have to perform 2 tests to get the correct readings, cant seem to think of anything else and like you nitrate readings are very sporadic and calcium levels also, have you noticed on the tests that come back with strange results that the sensor performance % has dropped? then after doing a test again the sensor performance goes back to 100%? I only test once a day so haven't seen how mine would perform over the day but testing again straight away seems to be more accurate for me, would be interesting to see if yours does a similar thing?

    one suggestion was to tighten the probe holder incase air is getting pulled into the unit but that hasn't worked for me, I would suggest opening a ticket with ghl though as you then get support on your issue if you haven't already done so



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