After 2 years of long waiting I finally recieved the ION D.
Honnestly I'm dissapointed as I have (mainly) weird nitrate readings.

1st : 6mg/l 10.01.22 09:26
2nd : 1mg/l 11.01.22 11:16
3rd : 9mg/l 11.01.22 11:49
4th : 9mg/l 11.01.22 12:23
5th : 0mg/l 11.01.22 15:44
6th : 10mg/l 11.01.22 19:13
7th : 0mg/l 12.01.22 10:54

Calcium allso fluctuated from 416mg/l till 440mg/l in that timelapse.

I followed the manual step by step, soaked the sensor in tap water for +30min and waited +12 hours after I tapped the "prepare measurement cell" button.
I calibrated the pumps each 4 times to be sure my calibration was good. Measurements from the tubings are good and there is no interference from other power cords.
Am I the only or is this "normal"?
Or is there something I can do?

Kind regards,