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Thema: Most float sensors work, some don't on Expansion Box expansion cards

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    Standard Most float sensors work, some don't on Expansion Box expansion cards


    I'm using two PowerBars to provide power to a total of nine 110v solenoid valves, each are triggered by one of nine float sensors.

    Each solenoid and float valve combo acts as a Auto Top off system that I've designed for a fish quarantine system.

    This Top-Off system, a total of nine separate tanks, is fed by using only one pump head off a Doser Maxi.

    All made possible by using a virtual switch, some programmable logic using "Or" statements and a simple "pressure relief" line.

    This setup works quite well but there's an issue that I can't seem to track down.

    The Problem:

    I've been trying to troubleshoot the cause of why float sensors 8, 9 and 10 don't work, but 1-7 and 11-14 absolutely do.

    The ProfiLux 4 that is connected to this system has no expansion cards plugged into it so the level sensor ports on this device number 1-4 (if using the splitters).

    I've got two expansion cards plugged into an Expansion Box 2 and the level sensor ports on this device number 5 and 6 (using a splitter) and then 7-10 on the first installed expansion card (using splitters) and 11-14 on the second installed expansion card (again, using splitters).

    I've swapped known working float sensors, splitter cables, 4-level expansion cards and an entire Expansion Box 2 and it's the same level sensors that don't register any actions from the float sensors that are connected to it. I've also flashed in the most recent stable firmware for the ProfiLux and have started from scratch on all system settings.

    I know that the ProfiLux system is limited on how many level sensors it can run, 16, but I'm under that at 14 with the current setup. I suppose I could install that 3rd 4-level expansion card that I have on the Expansion Box and see what happens. While I may be able to use the available 15/16 level port, I'd really like to find out why 8-10 dont work.

    Is there anything that I'm not considering as an easy fix here? Could there be something messed up with a resource?

    The oddest thing here is that level sensors 7-10 all come from the same 4-level expansion card yet only the 7 port, and not the 8 port that it shares via a splitter, receives the signal from the float sensor. The 9/10 port, whether it's connected with a splitter or not, doesn't receive a signal from a float

    This may be a complicated setup to vision so I'll post some pictures when I get back to the shop later today.


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    You mean that the same sensor numbers won't work, even if you switch the sensors, cards, etc.?
    How are these sensors configured?
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