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    Hi, I‘m looking for some advice please. I have been in the hobby for just over 9 years. This year I have upgraded my tank to a waterbox peninsula 4820. The tank is still cycling atm. It will be a fish with lps and softies tank.
    I would like to have a GHL controller unit connected to it to monitor and control the temperature, auto top up, water changes, parameters and eventually dosing.
    My tank is heavily EcoTech based (which I think I now slightly regret) as I read that they are preventing GHL from working with their products. So right now I’m a little unsure of the compatibility between GHL and my items (S2 vectra pump, MP40 x2, radion xr15 x2).
    I have read and read, watched lots of videos, but I’m still unsure.
    I’m heading towards the GHL ProfiLux 4 mega set but I think it maybe too much than what I need, so then I wonder if the 4e set would be better?
    Then I become confused again by the equipment I already have and their compatible with the GHL.
    Right now I need to buy a new heater as the one I’m using is just a temporary one from my old tank. I don’t want to buy single expensive items (such as a heater control unit, an auto top up unit etc) if I want to get a control unit in the long run.
    It’s quite overwhelming and any advice would be much appreciated 😊

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    I have the P4 mega set with an additional plug bar, KHD, doser and level sensor. I have radions,M1 and MP40's. I control them through mobius, the M1 is linked to feed mode via a power bar. Is there any specific reason why you want to control all the EcoTech kit through GHL?
    I'm not too sure about the specifics of the 4e apart from the difference in probes. I don't rely fully on the redox and conductivity probes, if there's a sudden swing in either of them I will investigate. My redox shot up once, when I checked it out my CO2 scrubber had fell into my ATO reservoir. I'm sure if I hadn't known it would have caused some serious harm.

    I would suggest weighing up what you think you would want further down the line. If you want to keep an eye on conductivity in the future it might be worth the investment now. Compare the benefits of each unit and see what suits your needs. A good example for comparing is looking at AirPods on the apple website-it gives a side by side comparison of the gen 2 and gen 3 AirPods. You could do something similar in a notebook and see what suits your needs.
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