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Thread: Two heaters and two aquarium whit 1 profilux

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    Default Two heaters and two aquarium whit 1 profilux


    Is it possible to control 2 heaters on 2 different aquariums with the same temperature with both a heating sensor, to control on a profilux 3.1

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    Yes, it's possible.

    If you want both heaters to have the exact control conditions, you can connect each heater to different PB sockets and assign the same temperature control function to each socket. If you would like to have two separate control conditions (different desired temp, etc.), you can create a virtual probe and assign that probe to the second heater.

    Another option would be to install a 2nd temperature sensor so it is dedicated to the 2nd aquarium. You then assign the 2nd heater to react according to the settings you set for the 2nd temperature probe.
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    Hallo Colin,
    my Profilux 4 is working that way:
    - two Aqarium with a temperature sensor in each of them
    - an additional card in the Profilux to support the additional temperature sensor
    - each of the Aqarium could now have another temperature
    Works very well since around 6 month.



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