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Thema: Mitras LX7 customised lighting schedule for a freshs,ater aquarium

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    Standard Mitras LX7 customised lighting schedule for a freshswater aquarium

    Hi guys,
    I have a new 1200L freshwater aquarium setup with 4x LX7004 Mitras lights; while I like the idea of the GHL ecosystem, I find the interface very very difficult and unintuitive.
    Does anyone have a customised lighting schedule for a freshwater aquarium with a decent ramping up / down of light intensity & ideally some sunrise/sunset effect that you could share?
    The multichannel/illumination channels that is made as a default setting to me does not make sense at all with three programs running one on top of the other... very confusing.
    Any recommended settings or maybe a light schedule that one could share?
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    We have walkthrough guides for both lighting schedule options; Multi-channel setup and Light Composer
    If you search our knowledge base and YouTube channel, you will find these:


    Once you have a better understanding of how a schedule is made, you can begin with a simple schedule at 0% and slow 1 or 2 hour ramp up to the desired light spectrum. Hold that spectrum to 6-8 hours, then ramp down for 1-2 hours until the intensity reaches 0% for the day.

    Go easy on the "brightness" so it is not too intense for your plants. If need be, you can use the acclimation feature.
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