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Thread: What kind of auomatic feeder to use to be controlled by GHL Profilux 4?

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    Default What kind of auomatic feeder to use to be controlled by GHL Profilux 4?

    What would be currently the most recommended set-up with Profilux controlling an external third-party automatic feeder? I would like the idea for the two to work together... e.g. Profilux slowing down the pump to lower the water current, activate feeder and then after some time bring the pump back to full speed again... Any way this can be done with Profilux 4? What would you recommend as a good feeder to use like this?

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    When I was looking a couple years ago I couldn’t find any that had good reviews, or looked like something I’d want to keep over my tank 24/7. But any feeder that can be plugged into an outlet will work. GHL has been working on one since pre-COVID, but I think they temporarily tabled the plans to get the ion director released.

    I ended up going with the battery operated Eheim and I am happy with the decision. Unfortunately, I can not have the feedings coincide with ramping down of pumps or any other automation. But it works.

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    Eheim a mod exists to make it have an adapter it's easy. GHL I am hoping comes out with their own. I did the mod and it works well

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