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Thread: Intermittent ability to connect to Profilux from app

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    Default Intermittent ability to connect to Profilux from app

    Every time I try to connect to the GHL app (specifically Profilux, Mitras works fine) I have major connectivity problems. About only 1 in 6 attempts works.
    Either I cannot log to profilux from inside the app or if I log I get disconnected or my commands trigger no response in the profilux. I am pretty sure this is not caused by wireless connectivity as the Mitras is in the same room and works with no issues. To me it seems like a Profilux problem, not an app or connection issue.

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    Can you specify how exactly you are connecting?
    Are you doing it through your network or through the hotspot signal?

    Did you set the controller with a static IP?
    It could be interference coming from another device on the same network. If you try connecting via the hotspot and do not have those troubles, then it's more likely something on the network may be causing the disruption.

    Checking your Wi-Fi module firmware and updating may help too.
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    Go to network on your controller and set wifi module from b/g/n to B only and it will work

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