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Thread: How to remove PAB alarm notification?

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    Default How to remove PAB alarm notification?

    The PAB alarm went off when I was on vacation. A dose maxi had been drowned due to leakage.

    I've physical removed the device from the chain of connected devices but that does not remove/reset the alarm. Still flashes red.

    Have been advised to remove the unit but do not get it completely and wonder if anyone knows how to do so that not everything else resets. Other units in the same chain - like dosers etc..

    I go to SYSTEM, click MAXIMIZE on PAB and then see the device in the list, click on ASSIGN DEVICES to deselect it and get the alarm to stop - but the device is not in the list ..

    How should I be able to mark it as "offline" or not part of the chain of PAB devices?

    What do I do?


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    Press Reset PAB and assign other devices after.


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    Do what Gaël suggested.

    The alarm continues to flash because when you originally assigned the Maxi doser, the ProfiLux expects it to be part of the PAB chain. After the device was flooded, it lost communication with the P4 which in-turn meant the PAB-COM alarm would be triggered. It will keep flashing that alarm until it once again detects the same Maxi device.
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