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Thread: Profilux 4 wifi issue

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    Default Profilux 4 wifi issue

    Hi all,

    I have a new Profilux 4, I can connect to the device via its hotspot and see sensor readings on my phone. I updated the firmware to 7.25 today.

    But I can't connect to it via my Wifi network. Led next to Wifi (middle LED) is green.

    I also cannot add the device to myGHL.

    Can some support person from GHL help me? It has been rather frustrating to get this to work.

    [B]Some details about network:
    current ip address:
    Wifi firmware version: 7088
    Mode: 802.11 b/g/n/
    Client network settings:
    - encryption: WPA WPA2 PSK
    Obtain IP address automatically

    Access point settings:
    Encryption: WPA WPA2 PSK
    Wireless channel: 6
    IP address:

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    It looks like you've incorrectly setup the Access Point settings. The IP address for this section should have been left alone. That is very likely the cause of your problem. Set it back to the default IP address of, save settings and disconnect.

    Since the green Wi-Fi light is ON, the P4 is connected to your network. Go into your app, press the blue gear icon belonging to your dedicated Wi-Fi connection and make sure the IP address entered there is correct. If need be, closely follow the steps provided here for AUTO IP address setup.
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    Change this Mode: 802.11 b/g/n to B ONLY.

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