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Thema: need some advice before attempting update

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    Standard need some advice before attempting update

    Hi all,

    I am hoping for some advice before attempting to upgrade my Profilux 3.1N ex. I bought the controller new when they were first introduced. It took me forever to get it set up and working properly. I set it up with a laptop connected via usb. I think it is running software version I haven't had to touch the controller in 5 years and it has ran flawlessly. I need to access the controller to change my dosing pump settings however the laptop with the software on it is no longer available.

    So, I ran an Ethernet cable to the controller and connected it to my home network. I need to install the new software on my desktop but I am nervous that if it crashes, I don't have the old settings anywhere and can't go back to my old settings. I have no idea what they are.

    Can someone please advise me on the proper steps to take? I have read that I need to first download the new controller software GCC v1.1.3.3. If I do that and am able to connect to the Profilux 3.1, will there be an option to save the settings before upgrading the software in case it fails?

    I apologize if this is a simple question but it just took me so long and so much frustration to set it up the first time that I fear having to repeat that nightmare.
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    1. Download the ProfiLux Control program onto your computer

    2. Connect using this program and backup your settings

    3. Download the current version of GHL Control Center (GCC)

    4. Connect to your P3 using ProfiLux Control and perform the firmware update...when prompted to select the firmware version to use, navigate to the GCC folder and select the newest P3 firmware.

    After the update is complete, connect to the P3 using GCC and load your backup settings to your controller.

    NOTE: Due to the massive jump in firmware (at least 5 years worth of updates), there is a chance not all settings will carry over. You may want to take screenshots of your settings just in case you need to manually re-enter settings. Nowadays you have numerous resources available at your disposal which have how-to guides and videos for setting up functions on the controller. Use the knowledge base for info on how to setup a particular function.
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    Thank you so much. I will try the above and report back with any issues. Have a good day!


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