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Thread: Maxspect XF330 - Deltec 600i - JEBAO DCP-2500 DC PUMP

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    Default Maxspect XF330 - Deltec 600i - JEBAO DCP-2500 DC PUMP

    I have the equipment of the title. I am on the way to decide which controller to purchase so I would like to know if I can connect and control those pumps directly from the controller without using their controllers.
    As for the Maxspect i already know that there is a seperate module from IceCap but unfortunately does not support the 300 version. It is only for 130/230 and 150/250 pumps.
    So can anyone inform me if i can control those pumps from the controller instead of using their controller, because i am not willing to purchase a controller for only switching on and off the power.


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    The pump manufacturer will be able to tell you if their product supports 3rd party control or not. If they tell you no, then the ProfiLux will not be able to control the flow rate. Plugging it directly into one of our Powerbar sockets would only allow for ON/OFF control during events such as maintenance or feed pause mode.

    If they tell you yes, then the next question should be if they offer a GHL compatible control cable. If not, then you can still control the pump through the ProfiLux by connecting any control cable to our Breakout Box accessory. This BO box becomes a bridge between the pump and controller and allows for the ProfiLux to control the flow behavior.
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