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    For a planted aquarium I would like to dimming the 6 existing T5 tubes, equipped with High-frequency electronic dimming ballast, using the analog protocol (1-10 V). Two of them are fed with double ballast, so I order two tubes each on a single control input and consequently I need 4 control inputs for dimming. In addition to lighting, I will use pH control with the CO2 addition system, the temperature for controlling a ventilation system, the control of an external Eheim 3e filter.
    Please confirm if the following shopping list is correct:
    - ProfiLux Mini WiFi Set - 1 pc
    - Control board High Inrush Current EVG-AP-2F-HIC - 2 pcs
    - Solenoid Valve - 1 pc
    What other connection cables do I need?
    Do the cables from the pH electrodes and the temperature sensor that the set comes with have a length of 3m? If I needed a longer length, what extension cords should I order?
    Thank you!

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    how do you want to control the Eheim filter?
    You may need some RJ12 cables and maybe YL2 cables. The cable length of our sensors is 3m.

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