I have a Profilux Plus II with a Profilux View 2, when I want to change the settings of the Profilux with my computer I have to unplug the View 2 and plug in my Serial to USB adapter. I was wondering, can the serial adapter and Profilux View 2 be connected to the computer at the same time?

At default this is impossible of course since there is only one connector. But it would be a simple project to build a splitter cable that splits the serial connector to two connectors. The View 2 should not use the same signals as the serial communication but there might be something that I have not taken into account that makes it impossible.

I do have the USB expansion card in the computer if anyone wonders but it has never worked for me, an endless source of frustration. But I have decided to move forward since the serial to USB cable works wonderful without causing sleepless nights. :-) Otherwise that would probably be the perfect option.