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Thread: Warning, different timezones?

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    Default Warning, different timezones?

    I'm getting a 'warning' that my device and tablets have different timezones, which is probably why charts are not displaying any info.
    The problem is, that time is correct, and works fine on other devices (pc, phone etc.).

    If I change time zone on my tablet the warning is the same '+1 hour(s)', so clearly the software doesn't know or care what time zone my tablet is setup too.

    Any ideas?

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    GHL Connect app gathers the information about timezone from the underlying operating system of your tablet.
    If this differs from the set timezone stored on your ProfiLux it will show that notification.

    So, it could be the timezone setting on your ProfiLux is set to another value than on your tablet or GHL Connect has just not been restarted, which is necessary in order to reflect the changes.

    If this issue can't be solved, open a ticket in our ticket-system and tell us more about the used devices and system information, so we can take care of this:
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