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Thread: Lightbar 2 calculations

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    I am restarting my reef aquarium and looking to install the Lightbar 2 illumination on it. The aquarium is 190 x 70 x 65 (water height). Based on the average recommendation on the GHL site of 0,6 watt/litre water seems to give quite a lot of bars to be added to the aquarium --> 3 x 80 & 3 x 90. Is this really needed?

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    The number of LB2 you'd need depends on the type of coral you plan to keep and how you will be laying out the rockscape. Given the length of the tank, I would recommend 4x LB2 (70cm) models if you can hang them from a light frame or canopy. That will give you 2 rows of lights extending across all 190cm of the tank and will be enough for an SPS dominant tank.
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