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Thread: Need advice on what ghl products to buy for a new build

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    Idee Need advice on what ghl products to buy for a new build

    Hello there,
    I am new to the hobby and will be setting up my new RedSea 70 gal mixed reef. I have never used controller or dosed as I currently have 32 Biocube and do everything manually.
    I need advice to what GHL controllers to buy and not be redundant. I was thinking to get Profilux4 mega set,
    DK controller set and ion controller set. Do I need all of those or can I just use DK and ion controllers without main Profilux 4? Basically I need an understanding of what I need to be able to automate dosing, check parameters and if need to leave on vacation for a few weeks knowing that my aquarium is taken care off. All advice is welcome.

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    Hi there,

    The products we would recommend will depend on what level of monitoring and control you are looking for.

    For a reef aquarium, most will want to monitor their temperature, pH, redox and salinity. If you're also looking to do things like automate your auto top off and water changes, monitor leakages, receive email / text notifications, etc., the ProfiLux 4 Mega Set would be the ideal choice.

    For general dosing, you can do this with a GHL Doser. The standalone version would be ideal if you will not be using a ProfiLux controller. If a P4 is added later on, you can switch the doser to slave mode at any time.

    Feel free to give our US location a call to get your questions answered more quickly.

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