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Thema: How to set time slot PH control - CO2

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    Standard How to set time slot PH control - CO2


    I have a profilux 4, with PAB.

    I like have my PH controlled with adding CO2, now I would like to switch of my CO2 during the time the lights are off.

    I tried to do that by use the timer, but it seems not to respond.

    Can somebody explain to me how to switch off the CO2 controller during the nights?


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    Hello Asterix,

    Here's how to control an outlet for both Calcium reactor control and timer. You do not have to assign a function, just yet. Once you create the PL function, you can assign it to the socket powering your CO2.

    First you will need to setup the ProfiLux for Calcium reactor control:

    Secondly, you will need to setup a normal timer function:

    After the above is completed, go to the Programmable logic settings page, select an unused Gate, set the function to AND, set Input 1 to the pH probe used for the reactor, set Input 2 to the timer function you created for the reactor.

    Go to the Switch channels settings page, select the socket powering your solenoid and set the function to Programmable Logic. Choose the PL gate you used when you created the PL function. Save settings.


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