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Thread: LED light in a closed freshwater tank

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    Default LED light in a closed freshwater tank

    Dear all,

    i just bought as second hand a closed fresh water tank deep by 120cm.
    Therefore, i am searching for a LED light long be 69cm or a little bit below which a powerful light enough to reach the bottom
    Also, i would like to have a LED which can be within the closed tank and not one suspended if i can say like that

    My objective will be to have this - actually this is my tank

    vissaya model.jpg

    What LED can you suggest on this purpose?
    Thank you

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    Hi there,

    The Mitras Lightbar 2 (Model 60 Daylight) would be the ideal choice for that aquarium length. The model 60 is recommended for tank lengths between 59 - 70 cm so this size would work for you. Depending on the width of the tank and how bright you want the bottom to be, perhaps 2x Mitras LB2 can fit in there.

    If you would like to give yourself the option to start with 1x LB2 and maybe add a 2nd LB2, I recommend getting a slightly larger powersupply (Mitras-LB-PSU100) and Mitras LB-Splitter to accommodate for the possible expansion.

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