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Thread: How to program the Profilux to fill a mixing container?

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    You don't need to connect the Maxi Doser to a Powerbar, you can set the dosing pump to react to a switch channel.

    To just stop dosing until the salt water tank is refilled, you could do the following:
    1. Create a new timer and add your dosing schedule there via switchmode 'Manu. dosing' or 'Auto. dosing'
    2. Create a new prog. logic with Input 1: The new timer and Input 2: Your SR_FLIPFLOP prog. logic INVERTED
    3. Assign the new prog. logic to a free switch channel
    4. Configure the dosing pump to react to this swicth channel

    But this will abort the water change and you may need to correct the filling level of your tank manually after refilling the saltwater.
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    So that works with a couple of adjustments.
    1. Each doser needs a separate timer, as they have slightly different speeds.
    2. The other logic still needs to be built in before the timers.

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