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    Hi Everyone i'm new to GHL and i'm getting ready to purchased a Profilux 4 Controller and a KH Director.
    I currently have kessil A360we lighting, ecotech mp 40 , various 8 pump skimz skimmer.
    I need to know what extra items do I need in order for these items to work with the Profilux 4 (break out box, and what else?)
    Please Help

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    Hi there,

    In order to control the A360 light, you will need the S-Port & L-Port Breakout box accessory.
    This will allow you to take the communication cable and connect it to the kessil. The other-end of this cable is then cut and connected to the BO box. The BO box itself is then connected to one of the 1-10v ports on the ProfiLux.

    For MP40 control, you would need the GHL Vortech Controller and a PAB-cable.
    The PAB-cable will allow you to connect this accessory to the ProfiLux system.

    For VariOs pump control, you would need a 2nd Breakout box.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.


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