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Thema: GHL Connect & My GHL Performance

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    please create a ticket, where we will take care of this:
    Ticket created - thanks for the response

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    Did the OP see a resolution to this issue?

    After a couple of weeks of problem free connection I too have difficulty connecting via the app.

    My Doser SA and my (non GHL) controller are connected by WiFi to the same router at 2.4GHz.

    I can connect to the cloud desktop for my controller every time in sub 3s.

    Connection to the Doser vis GHL Connect if it connects takes much longer somewhere between 15s and never.

    Ping time to the two servers is the same, myGHL server route goes through an additional hop but can't see that as significant

    I can't see that this is down to my WiFi

    BTW Red Sea leds and reef waves connect via cloud app every time without issue

    Quite frustrating ....
    I have the same issues and was looking to purchase both the Profilux 4 and Ion Director, however am tending towards the Neptune Apex because of my frustrations with the connection continually dropping out or taking up to four times to establish an initial connection.
    I am happy with the product, however connectivity between the app and the unit is terrible.
    Its not just a matter of weak wifi signal strength.
    I will try the LAN method suggested and open a ticket, however i suggest there is more to this than the signal strength in our individual houses.

    BTW Mobius works really well in the same system.

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    Dear All,

    IÂ’m equally having issues with software/connection......

    IÂ’ve managed to connect my KH Director and Stand Alone doser through the hotspot and relevant App.
    Unfortunately though, I canÂ’t connect to MyGHL.
    When I change the settings in the App to allow full MyGHL access it doesnÂ’t properly save. IÂ’m not sure if this is still because IÂ’m connected through the hotspot? The problem is that if I run over 4g or Wi-fi it then wonÂ’t let me connect to my doser.

    The other issue IÂ’m having is that when I add my GHL ID to the area in MyGHL it says the device could not be added.

    Can anyone help at all as IÂ’m getting nowhere with the support ticketing system?

    Many thanks and keep safe

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    You need to get the doser connected to your network before you can access it over myGHL. If your doser has no connection to the internet, it cannot communicate with myGHL.

    Closely follow the steps shown here:
    No support or warranty issues over PM!
    Please send PMs to the moderators only if you have general problems with using the forum! Thanks for helping us to keep the support efficient.

    Creating a support ticket
    For support or warranty issues, create a support ticket by clicking here.


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