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Thread: Pb with the cover of my LX6300

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    Default Pb with the cover of my LX6300

    Hey, I have 10 LX6200 lights for few years (around 4 years for some of them) that I have updated to LX6300 at launch of the LX7 series.
    The plexi cover of my lights was a bit burned in front of the center of each cluster. For some of them, it was nearly black, meaning only very few light was available for my corals below. Don't know where it comes from, maybe not clean so often (and maybe that I was using them at nearly 100% of the power - now I have reduced).
    I changed them using 2mm glasses. Except that the glass in 2mm is quite fragile (should take care if I have to move the lights), the result seems fine.
    Do you confirm that it works? Do you see any downside?

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    Aside from the thinness of the glass, this will be fine for the LEDs.

    If you'd rather use the original LX6 splash guards, we do offer them as a replacement item.
    For more information and pricing, please contact either GHL USA or GHL Germany depending on your location.

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