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Thema: Issue with KHD after installing another slave doser

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    Standard Issue with KHD after installing another slave doser

    Had the KHD on my P4 for a week and all was well. Today I added a second 4-head slave doser and my problems began.

    First, the new doser was mimicking the original doser during the tests although nothing was connected. I went and assigned the new doser some different information but now the KHD seems like it wanted to use the original doser but needed them to be assigned as pump heads 5,6,7,8 to work them. So I transferred all the calibration and speed settings to those pumps. Then I set it into a test and it just seemed like it was taking forever to get a result back. Too, when I watched the pH numbers on the KHD as the test was performing, the pH seemed to never rise above 4 even though the cylinder was filled with tank water. So I recalibrated the probe and set it back into test.

    Ever since I did that the unit goes into initial flush, empties, then refills the chamber and it then immediately goes into a drain mode and errors out. The pH probe then reads something 4 or lower. I have taken the probe out and set it back into the 7 calibration fluid and it is reading 7.02.

    I have unplugged the KHD as a reset.

    Any ideas what I am doing wrong here?

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    Do a PAB-system reset, reassign the devices, then assign the numbering of the second dosing unit (starting at 5).


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