I hope some one can shed some light - i did raise a ticket and unfortunately got no where.

I have P3ex and has been running for nearly 2 years connected via LAN - accessible through LAN(GCC), myGHL and webserver.

I tried installing a new P4 and had some difficulty getting my expansion box to work with it, so shelved the change over and put the P3 back on.

Following this, I have been unable to connect to P3 using GCC - I can ping it from any of my home computer, myGHL works, webserver works, USB GCC access works.

I have tried installing and uninstalling the downloadble versions with no luck.

In a few of my PC's i have a very old version Profilux Control - which works beautifully via LAN. The same for GCC and - I have no problems connecting the computer to P3 using GCC. The following version will only connect using USB and not using LAN - V;;; .

I'm not sure what is going on - all these versions were working fine without any problem before I tried to swap my Profiluxes.