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Thread: KH Director & SA Doser connect challenge

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    Default KH Director & SA Doser connect challenge

    I have finally been successful in getting my driver loaded, computer talking to doser, KHD connected as slave unit and have been trying for many hours watching the video on how to set the static IP address so I can get this unit to connect to my wifi. Apparently the last 3 digits on the IP address may be the challenge, as the subnet mask and default gateway are correct. I have eliminated all other devices connected to my router and have not used those numbers in the last 3 slots on the IP address. However, no matter what I do the doser does not blink white then go to blue. After several hours working on this latest challenge today at times the doser blinks white.....for hours....then it will start to blink blue when I'm messing around in the software program trying yet again to get it to set up to my wifi. When I set the IP address then ping it, I get the 4 packages back and forth but yet the doser will still not connect via the wifi when I choose the wifi connect option back at the homescreen (hard to put into words without visual). I would love it if someone would dial into my computer and get this resolved once and for all. I have been working on trying to get this setup for the past 4 days. Tomorrow is my final attempt before packing it back up and shipping it back to Bulk Reef Supply for a refund. Thank you in advance for any help anyone can offer.

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    Hi there,

    Since this case is already being handled via the ticket system, let's continue there.

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