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Thema: Controlling the Maxi Doser based on pH Value

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    Frage Controlling the Maxi Doser based on pH Value


    Can someone be kind enough to tell me how to program a Profilux on some simple logic?

    I have the Maxi Doser as my ATO pump, controlled with a float and a virtual socket which turns it on and off as required. I also use my ATO reservoir to dose Kalkwasser so would like to program a safety measure whereby it does not turn on the pump if the pH is over 8.4 (i.e. too much Kalk is being dosed, perhaps sludge)

    It hasn't happened so far, even when the ATO is right at the bottom, in about a year but I'd like the safety net all the same.

    Many thanks

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    Hi Scott,

    Give this a try...

    1. Go to pH probe settings page and set the desired pH value in Nominal value

    2. Go to the Programmable Logic settings page, select an unused gate, set the function to AND, set Input 1 to the ATO function you currently have assigned to the virtual socket.
    For example, if the MAXI is reacting to socket #7 and this socket has the Fill Water (ATO only) 1 function assigned...Input 1 should be set to Fill Water (ATO only) 1

    3. Set input 2 to pH value control upwards (Increase), select probe to use, type-in a description, click OK, save settings.

    4. Go to the Switch Channels settings page, select the socket that is controlling the MAXI and set the function to Programmable Logic. Select the gate number you used in step 2.

    The MAXI will now run the normal ATO program when the pH value is below the nominal value. If the pH value goes above, the ATO program will not run.


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