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Thema: KH director Reagent questions

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    Standard KH director Reagent questions

    How much reagent comes with the KH director?
    What’s the average usage of the reagent over a year?
    Can another companies reagent work if GHLs reagent isn’t available?
    What's the shelf life of the reagent? Does it expire? long term storage issues?
    Are you looking at a concentrate version of the reagent?
    Does the reagent need a controlled temperature environment?

    These are make or break questions for me and if I am going to buy the KH Director set up or not. I already have a Profilux 4 so I really want to keep things working together. But longevity and availability of consumables is a major concern of mine. I've bought things in the bast that relied on support of a company and that company failed it's customers.
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    1. 500ml

    2. 1-3ml reagent used per test, how long a bottle may last will depend on tests/per day and actual KH value. A 500ml bottle may last up to 3 months if testing 2x/day at a value of 8dkH

    3. Possibly, but not recommended for accuracy and warranty purposes

    4. Technically there is no shelf life. What matters most is that the bottles are kept closed and away from direct light when not in-use

    5. Unlikely. We offer ready-to-use reagent to eliminate the hassle of mixing one's own batches.

    6. It should be kept away from direct light and in a temperature stable environment


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