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Thema: Time for a aquarium computer

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    Standard Time for a aquarium computer

    I am about to order a GHL Profilux 4 Mega set. I have only a few thoughts that I would be grateful to receive answers for:
    1. Surely I can control my calcium reactor with a PH probe and have another to monitor the PH in the aquarium?
    2. I guess I can't control my Giesemann Aurora lighting?
    3. I have my sump and most of the technology in the basement, one floor below the aquarium. Can I still control my Tuze stream pumps anyway?

    Grateful for answers,

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    Hello Christer
    1.Yeah, you need a second probe.
    2.I don't see any possibility of
    3.Yes, you can, if the pumps are adjustable with 1-10V control. You just have to have longer cables

    regards Pit

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    Hello Christer,

    Just to add to what Pit said...

    1. The ProfiLux 4 supports having multiple pH probes connected to it. In order to add a 2nd pH probe, you will need an expansion card that comes with a pH port. This card is installed onto the controller itself. The 2nd probe would then connect to this port.
    2. If the fixture does not support 3rd party control via 1-10V, it cannot be dimmed.
    3. You can do this using YL splitter cables and extension cables.


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