Hello all,

New to the forum and recently found these lights. Based on the research this seems to be some of the best lights out there, so I have decided to upgrade my Juwel Rio 125 MultiLux setup with a Mitras Lightbar 2.
The idea is to have the Lightbar 2 sitting in the middle with the flat brackets so it is level and have the flaps sit on each side freely, as I do not think it is a good idea to put a hood above the light due to heat issues.

My question is as follows, what exactly do I need to ensure I got everything running?

So far what I understand and think, I am going to get this:
Mitras Lightbar 2 (80 cm)
Mitras-LB-PSU80 (Power supply unit)
Flat Holding Brackets
Profilux Mini Wifi
LB Cable RJ45

Is all this enough to make sure that the light works, is dimmable, I can configure any light spectrum, set sunrise/sunset and whatever other options? Or do I need something extra on top?
Any help is greatly appreciated!