I am moving from an Apex Classic to the Profilux 4 but have not been able to replicate my existing flow patterns with my 2 Tunze 6095s.

On my Apex one Tunze 6095 will ramp up and run for about an hour forcing a clockwise flow and then ramp down over 5 minutes. While that one is ramping down, the other 6095 ramps up over 5 minutes so the turbulence starts at one end of the tank and then progresses across the tank as it slowly reverses the flow in the tank to a counter clockwise direction. The flow direction changes every hour with both ramping up/down simultaneously at the transition. At 9pm until 10am they both slow down to a minimum speed of 30%. After 10am they return to the reversing flow pattern. The pattern is set on the Apex though so at 10am it always starts in a clockwise direction. If I hit the feed button both of them will go to the minimum speed and then ramp up/down to whatever speed they were at before. I have a maintenance mode that shuts them both off for the duration.

How do I replicate this with the P4? I have the Tunze 1 and 2 cables attached to L1/L2 via the splitter and I had tried the "permanent opposite" mode, but that seems to force one pump to high and the other to the minimum, which prevents the gyre flow from forming and completely ignores the pump off during inactivity option. The inactive pump just stays at the minimum speed the whole time regardless of feed mode etc. I also tried Sequence 1/2, which with 2 pumps seem to be pretty much the same thing. However, there is no overlap where both pumps ramp up/down simultaneously. While I can set the inactive pump to off during inactivity so I can set up the gyre flow, the inactive pump will just stay off in feed mode, or night mode, or during a thunderstorm. If I don't set it to off, it prevents the gyre from forming and just remains at minimum speed regardless of feed/night/thunderstorm mode.

Is there a way to do this? I'm probably just not combining the right features and options here.

If not, is there somewhere I can formally submit a feature request for the following?

A Gyre Mode for the stream group where there is an overlap time where the active pumps are ramping down and the inactive pumps are ramping up at the same time as they change status? A time we can enter would be great but even if it's a set overlap time of say five minutes that would give that changing turbulence zone across the tank where the flow meets for a while as they ramp up/down. I don't know that having a set timing so that at 10am I have a known clockwise flow would be required so long as I can set a definite direction change at least on an hourly or longer basis. I suspect many would just use this to simulate tides with some extra turbulence to kick up detritus.

Could we also add the option(s) for each pump on an individual basis within the stream groups to respond to feed mode, night mode, and/or thunderstorm? Unless the option is selected for the mode the pump would ignore those modes and either be at minimum setting or off depending on the inactivity setting. The individual pumps already have the option to be turned off during inactivity so this seems like the logical place to put these individual selections.