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Thread: RODI top-off controlling through 2 sensors min/max

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    Default RODI top-off controlling through 2 sensors min/max

    Hi guys,

    I tried for hours but I didn't get this thing to work.
    I would like to control my topoff water directly from my RODI system with a magnetic valve.
    For this I want to use 2 sensors, a minimum and maxium level preventing the RODI system to turn on and off all the time as this depletes the di resin quicker.

    At this point I tried both min/max control and ATO with 2 sensors. I'm working with an optical and floater sensor.
    The problem is, whatever I try, the optical sensor activates or deactivates the switch channel even if the water level didnt achieved the floater above. I would like to activate the switch channel (magnetic valve from RODI system) when the water level gets under the optical sensor and deactivates when the floater gets activated but at this point, no matter what I try, when the optical sensor is under water it deactivates the switch channel.

    Can someone help? Getting really annoyed here as I did exactly what is written in the manual and what I found on the www without succes


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    Hello Matthijs,

    First, identify which sensor is #1 and which is #2.
    You can do this by looking at the LEVEL settings page and seeing the (X) mark appear and disappear as each sensor is manually triggered, see State section.

    With the Min/Max control function, sensor #1 is the upper and #2 is the lower.

    Since you want the optical sensor to be the lower sensor, this should be connected to the 2nd level input on your primary device. Perhaps it is connected to input #1, instead of #2.

    We have a video which explains this here:

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