Hello all!
Just purchased a LEDControl4 V2 for my Profilux3N eX.
I want it to work with my DIY lamp!
I have a lamp connected to 4 MeanWell ELN-60-48D drivers (https://www.meanwell-web.com/en-gb/a...c-eln--60--48d), wiring (http://www.topledlight.com/images/v/...4053331650.jpg)

I know everything about my DIY LED lamp works since I have had it connected to a corallux storm with 10V ANALOG CONVERTER so it has run PVM (1-10 V) no problem before!

I followed the manual and connected it like this:

Manual looks like this:

DC connected to output, L1L2 + L3L4 connected to profilux - under system-> 1-10V-Interface L1-L4: all was operating at 10V just to test, but NOTHING happened, no lights no nothing?
I'm pretty much in the dark to what I have done wrong.

The only thing I'm in doubt of is on the meanwell there is a Dim(-) and a Dim(+) while in the LEDControl4 V2 manual refer to PVMin and GND(-) - are the meanwell even compatible with the module?

I'm also abit in doubt about the pullups ? I don't think it is needed with this driver but I'm not sure? Please help me!