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Thema: ATO setup - newbie question

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    Standard ATO setup - newbie question


    first time setting up a ATO system. First time owner of a dosing pump. I've read the manual and browse through the forum for this but cannot find the answer and yet it is very basic. I am using 1 optical level sensor and 1 spare doser pump for auto top off function. I am stuck on reaction time and its related settings. what is it and what does it do ? from what i gathered, it is a delay time to which the sensor reacts ? but why would you want a delayed reaction time ? Also why would you want to "invert" it and what is state direct and state delay ? a complete explanation for a complete beginner would be appreciated. respectfully, in my humble opionion as great of a product as ghl doser 2.1 is, a more user friendly manual would compliment it even more.

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    Reaction time is useful for those who will have the sensor in an area where the water surface is often moving or fluctuating. This helps prevent the function from turning ON/OFF falsely from these rapid yet brief changes.

    Inverted option can be useful for those who want to place their sensor in the opposite orientation from what is intended.


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