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Thema: Dosing Settings on KHD

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    Standard Dosing Settings on KHD

    I’m finally ready to start controlling KH with the director but I’ve no idea how to set up the control.

    I’m only dosing 8.5ml a day on Triton 3a/b. I’ve set the schedule for 17 doses of 0.5ml daily but I don’t know where to start with filling in the Index 1 percentages. Do I need to figure out how much I need to add to raise the DKH by 1? Also, should I set the control mode to add on or adaptive?


    Is there any chance you could do a video? The only one I could find must be quite old-the GCC was completely different.

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    The differences between Add-on mode and Adaptive mode are explained on page 36 of the KHD manual.
    What you choose is based on personal preference.

    Index: Dosing pump number that will be adjusted based on KH result
    Volume change: Amount in ml or % to change each dose based on the KH result.

    Examples of how this works is also on the same page.

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    I think I’ve read the instructions too much or I’m over thinking it and getting myself confused. I’ve opted to use the Adaptive Mode.

    Does this sound about right?

    I’ve set the Volume change to 40%. As I understand it, if my individual dose is 0.5ml this would be increased to 0.7ml or decreased to 0.3ml if the measurement is +/- 1dKH of my target KH value.

    The limit for raise and lower, I’ve set to 60%. This would give a maximum adjustment of 0.3ml either way.

    And the next thing that’s come into my head is:
    If I’m measuring KH 4 times a day would I be better setting my dosing schedule to dose 4 times a day too?

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    Yes, this sounds right.

    And it's always better to split the dosing to multiple doses per day than dosing the whole amount once per day only.
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