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Thema: Communication error #28 present with Wifi and LAN

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    Standard Communication error #28 present with Wifi and LAN


    So what is the most up-to-date advice to deal with this? GHL Control center ends up in communication error 28 with 100% certainty in about 5-20min of being just open. Connection is with Wifi and router is in the same room, like 4-5 meters from Doser 2.1 SA. Timeout setting 3000=> 6000 or to 9000ms does not really affect the behaviour. Communication monitor of the program itself shows clear average response time of 30ms. Program is running in Windows 10 in relatively new Ryzen build. KHD measurements take longer than program survives, so I almost always need to restart the program to check for the results.

    I wasn't at all able to calibrate pH probe with wifi (or with LAN which I also tested to do calibration) as process was interrupted by error 28. Only usb is stable enough to do calibration.

    What to do?

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    Have you tried connecting with the GHL Connect app?
    If yes, were you connecting through your network (LOCAL) or through myGHL?
    What was the result?


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