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Thread: new LX7xxx control feature request

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    Beitrag new LX7xxx control feature request

    Maybe consider adding below features into next firmware upgrade:

    1. pwm or photo mode can be configured and applied onto different time period.
    e.g. during tank show time, photo/video mode is more friendly to take photo and video. for night lighting, PWM definitely the best choice.

    2. periodic shifting whole lighting schedule
    e.g. lighting schedule can be different with working days and weekend

    3. group LED pucks light adjusting
    e.g. illumagic style, each puck can be adjust channel intensity independent. It can be very benefit for some fine tuning in unique aquascape with PAR meter help.
    But I think LX7206 is not able to do this with current hardware. Still dreaming whether cool white, royal blue and blue can split by upper and bottom row? From my understanding, they are driven separately.

    4. Channel curve overlap
    in "GHL connect", please provide a curve overlap mode for all 9channel. It can give better overview on each channel light moving trend.

    5. Manual lighting mode
    in one software page, can directly manipulate light intensity of all channels. Can refer to myAI manual option.

    6. light composer is still missing in "my connect", could you add it in. Or provide some area to store certain light spectrum data, which can be save, edit or load.

    I know it's too much. But please help to consider. thanks

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    item 4 and 5 already implemented in latest GHL connect upgrade. You can find the multichannel setup and lighting scenario.
    Great job, GHL. Looking forward to new features in future.

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