I need help! I completed the firmware upgrades- Profilux 4 went to 7.19, Control Center went to 1.1.24.
-I had to reactivate the channels on my powerbar 5.1.
-It appears that I will need to re-calibrate the sensors.
But my problem is- once I reactivated the powerbar, my lights came on. But I have no control. I have four Lightbar 2's- two actinic and two deep actinic. The lights are on 100% all channels, because I don't have any control.
They are connected through the splitter, share a power supply, and go into the Profilux 4's Digital Light Control interface using the proper cable. I didn't change any of the hookups. It was working fine before.
How do I regain control of my lights? I am guessing there is a missing input to define what is being received from that Digital Light Control port on the back of the Profilux 4. I don't remember how I did it before, and I can't find any instructions in the Owner Manual or Resource Guide for full installation of the Lightbar 2.