Could you kindly tell me which ProfiLux with KH Director and GL Doser 2 Slave I should buy knowing I need to use it in a green house where I have the filters of a big Koi pond (200M3). The place is humid, it never freezes, but it can get hot. There will be no direct contact with water as all the electrics and electronics are protected against splashes and condensation.

I will only use it for measuring pH, temperature, Conductivity 0-2mS, Oxygen dissolved in water and Alkalinity KH (around 2°dH). The email function and webserver will be very useful. So, your equipment is just what I have been looking for.

ProfiLux 3 Outdoor sounds like the good choice but it seems no more available from your onlineshop.

Once I get familiar with the system I might end up using it for controlling the KH of the pond. At the moment I have a tiny flow of fresh water that goes thru a de-alkalizer (Purolite) and goes into the pond. So I both bring a little fresh water into the pond and at the same time lower the KH of the pond. By manually switching the fresh water flow either thru the de-alakalizer or not, I maintain the KH around 2°dH.

By doing this, I have eliminated all algae in the pond.

Using solenoid valves the KH could be kept in check and this is one more reason I am quite excited by your system.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,