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Thema: Dosing Pump and KH direct advice please.

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    Standard Dosing Pump and KH direct advice please.


    I need some advice please regarding which doser to purchase.

    I currently have a Stand alone Doser 2.1 with all 4 pump heads used for my Triton dosing. I now need another pump head for dosing vodka and I am going to purchase another Doser 2.1. I also have a Profilux 4 Ultimate kit.

    My question is should i buy a Stand Alone unit or a Slave unit?

    Can salve unit be controlled by a Stand alone doser 2.1 to set different dosing schedules than the stand alone unit or will the slave doser be a mirror of the Stand alone doser?

    I am sure a profilux controller can controller the slave unit?

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    OK another reason for this second purchase is that I want purchase a KH director at a later date not now.

    If I bought a slave Doser 2.1 would this doser work with KH director? and would i be able to still use the last pump head for vodka dosing?

    I assume the KH director controls the slave doser.

    sorry I am not sure how the KH director works and whether its possible to use that last pump head for anything else.

    I really dont want to purchase a whole new doser for just for dosing vodka. It would save quite a bit of money if i could somehow use that last spare pump when used with the KH director.

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    Does the new Doser 2.1 come with the new plastic covers that are suppose to fix the issues with stuck pump heads?

    Those of use with Older plastic caps for the pump heads on the Doser 2.1, are we able to buy new caps? or are these caps given to use for free?

    any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Hi there,

    The slave doser 2.1 would be the best option based on what you already have.

    You will be able to connect this slave unit to the SA D2.1 if it is running separately from the P4 controller.
    If the P4 is controlling your current D2.1, then this slave doser can be connected anywhere along the PAB chain.

    Regardless of which master device you connect it to, you will be able to independently control each pump head on the new dosing unit.

    Since you're also considering the KH Director, I would recommend getting the KHD & Doser 2.1 slave set which includes a 4-pump slave doser. That way, you will have the 3 pumps needed to run the KHD and a 4th head for your Vodka dosing.

    The cap situation has long been identified and resolved. We've engraved a little dot on the right-side of the current blue caps. If by rare chance, you get a dosing unit without this dot, contact us and we will assist.


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