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Thema: Feed Pause Functions

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    Standard Feed Pause Functions

    Okay, so I have 4 Feed Pauses set up- defined by time- 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and 20 minutes.

    I have 2 Vortech pumps, controlled by GHL's Vortech controller through a PAB connection.
    Being PAB, they can be triggered by many Profilux-defined special events, such as Feed Pause and Thunderstorm and Maintenance.

    This works well; I have it so that the Vortech pumps turn off when any of the 4 Feed Pauses begins.

    I would also like to turn off my Return Pump and my Protein Skimmer for all Feed Pauses.

    They are plugged in to Sockets S2 and S3 in my GHL Powerbar 5.1.
    The "Switch Channels" function allows me to set the Function for S2 and S3 to Filter 1, which means these sockets are turned off whenever a Profilux event begins which is tagged for Function 1.
    Unfortunately, Feed Pause 1, Feed Pause 2, Feed Pause 3, and Feed Pause 4 are predefined to Function 1, Function 2, Function 3, and Function 4, respectively.
    This means that my Return Pump & Skimmer turn off when Feed Pause 1 begins, but not for Feed Pauses 2, 3 or 4.

    How can I set it up so that S2 and S3 can be turned off for ALL Feed Pauses? Is there a way to add multiple functions to a single socket in the Switch Channels panel?
    Or is there a way to tag all four Feed Pauses to Function 1, instead of them being locked into different functions as they seem to be now?

    Ideally, it would be nice to tie Sockets to Profilux Events just like my Vortech Pumps. (I realize this is currently only available to PAB devices)

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    In this case set your powersoket as programmable Logik 1
    Also set this at the programmable logiks

    G1 = g2 and g3
    G2 = filter 1 and 2
    G3 = filter 3 and 4


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