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Thema: dosing pump with profilux 3

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    Use the ALWAYS ON function for the socket that will have the dosing pump power plug connected.

    This will allow the dosing pump to always stay ON.
    If your dosing schedules are setup correctly, each dosing pump will only dispense fluid at the desired times.

    If you want to avoid overlapping doses where two pumps run at the same-time, go to each dosing pump channel settings page and use the ALWAYS DOSE AT feature.

    No need for programmable logic.

    Note: You can also set the powerbar outlet to stay ON if there is ever a disconnect from the ProfiLux. That will ensure uninterrupted communication. To set this up, go to the SYSTEM settings page and select the powerbar from the PAB chain, click CONFIGURATION, then select the outlets you wish to keep ON in case of a disconnect.
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