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Thread: Profilux control away from home

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    Default Profilux control away from home

    I am curious as to the ability of profilux to be useful when away from home. I am interested in the controller being able to notify me of any problems when i am away from home.

    After many hours of scouring the internet for information. One of your videos on youtube has enlightened me to something.

    GHL connect is only capable of controlling/viewing probes on the Profilux while your phone and the profilux are on the same wifi network. This is not entirely clear via the other information online. It would appear fairly unhelpful if this is the case, as the phone app is only useful when you are at home. As there is no app on iOS or android that is able to connect to the profilux, there is no way to have push notifications currently? I would like the controller to notify me on my phone if there is an issue. As i understand it, the only way to perform this function is to actively log into myGHL and check sensor readouts/alarms. This is therefore not push notification, and you will only find out of a problem when you 1. return home or 2. actively log into myGHL.

    I would really love to be incorrect on this- as i really want to purchase a Profilux 4- it appears to be the best built and most extensive controller on the market however i am finding it difficult to find information on this subject!

    Any profilux owners who have the system and actually have experience of this, i would love to know if i am able to use the profilux in the way that i want.. or any GHL employees, who are generally very helpful on this forum.


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    1. You can use GHL connect app - via myghl which is cloud based and is improving a lot. You can control virtually everything.
    2. Setup email notifications for alarms or sensors etc.
    3. If you are super keen VPN really well

    I did request the push notification feature a while back- hopefully we will see it in the future.
    For me email notification works really well
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    Great, thanks for the reply.

    So you get onto myGHL through the GHL connect app on iPhone?

    And the email notifications- they are alarms for most things- ie. temp, level etc?

    As I’m assuming you have the profilux- have they managed to organise email notifications for power monitoring? Or is that still just when actively logged in?

    From Oli

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    Hello Oli,

    The information you gathered through the internet is incorrect.

    Our GHL Connect (android and iOS) app can be used for both local and cloud-based access to your GHL devices. You do not have to be within your network range to access the P4 with the app. If you wanted to check-in on your tank while you're away from the house or on vacation you can still do so with GHL Connect.

    Whenever you want to access your device from the cloud, the app becomes a bridge to your device which connects to the myGHL servers which communicates with GHL devices at home. Whether you choose to access a device via the cloud with the app or a web browser, the look and feel are the same.

    Email notifications can be setup right now using GHL Control Center (PC software) and will soon also be doable via the app.
    You can set conditions in the email settings that allow you to receive periodic sensor and tank condition updates by email or text message. The feature can also be setup to send email/text whenever an alarm is triggered for more immediate notification. This also includes notifications for our power loss monitoring feature; controller and router will still need power if you want this notification sent during an outage.
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