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Thema: [Question] pH 2 disappeared from Profillux 4

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    Frage [Question] pH 2 disappeared from Profillux 4

    Hi, everybody.
    I'm a new member of the forum.
    I recently set up profilux 4 ultrimate set and now I'm commissioning and programming the system for my 600L sps reef tank.

    I have an extension board of PL-0871 (PLM-pH/ORP-2 level) installed and it was working showing pH 2 (levels are not used yet).
    It is intended to control my calcium reactor and was measuring pH 6.8x in the probe protection cap.
    Couple of days ago, I calibrated it and installed in the calcium reacrtor without CO2 supply.
    The measurement was slightly different from that of pH 1 but it was OK.

    Next morning the pH 2 is disappeared from Profilux Touch diplay.
    I checked Profilux 4 settings, Extras > Disply and Sesor Settings > Clibration, but there in no pH 2.
    I put power off and connected a new pH probe and power on, but still there is no pH 2 on Display neither on Sesor Settings.
    Could you anybody help how th resolve this problem?
    Bad hardware or wrong setting?
    What action can I do ??? Please help.

    Son from Seoul Korea

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    when ProfiLux4 starts and examines the installed hardware, it displays all information on the display.
    Is the extension card shown?
    If not, check the seating of the card while P4 is powered off and then restart and follow the display information.
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    Kein Support oder Reklamationsabwicklung über PM! Bitte senden Sie an die Moderatoren nur PMs bei allgemeinen Problemen mit der Verwendung des Forums! Danke dass Sie uns dabei helfen, den Support effektiv zu gestalten.

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    [QUOTE=MatthiasF;87016]Hello, ~~~~

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for your kind support!!
    I'm doing installation of the extension board again as I did initially during the weekend. And I write again the result.
    Thaks agsin.

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    I opened my P4 and I tried to detach the extension board and fit agin.
    While I fulled the board out, some of pins of the multi-pin connector connecting to the main board disconnected from the soldering side of the extension board.
    Probabley it is a week soldering problem.
    I got to ship it to GHL for warranty.



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