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    Last year I bought an used GHL Mitras 6100 HW. It was build 2016 and it has not been used much, but the first owner did a terrible job regarding taking care of the lamp, it had lots of saltspray inside the electric parts, also the paint of the end caps is falling of and I cannot use a wire hanging kit because he used a uncompatible fitting in the holes so now the thread is damaged.

    But I completely separated all the electric parts and cleaned them with isopropyl alcohol and now the lamp works just fine, and I think that the only reason the lamp could take this much beating from the former owner is its excellent built quality.

    I have a question. Is it possible to buy parts like a new heat sink and end caps or perhaps an old/used end-of-life lamp with electric part that is no longer working then I can replace the parts.

    Best regards

    Kasper Jensen
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