The KH Director is a good tool to measure and control a very important parameter in reef aquaria, such as alkalinity. In general is a well designed monitor, but I have to complain about certain components. The peristaltic pumps, which are virtually silent, a very important feature, are prone to errors due to quick deterioration. I do not know whether is a design problem or cheap materials, but I am experiencing problems with several heads of the same doser that I had not never experienced with any of the two dosers I have been using for years (the black old models). In addition to that, the internal pump, which was also virtually silent at the beginning, now makes a loud noise when it begins to work at each measurement. I suspect I'll have to open the unit and make some adjustments, as happens with the faulty heads.

I wish GHL could solve these problems in the near future. It's a shame that a well designed, valuable and expensive piece of equipment has these problems, that require continuous attention and maintenance.